Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Arab-American's opinions on Middle Eastern Food

I decided to interview a close friend of mine about Middle Eastern food. As an Arab-American who has lived in America her entire life, she has grown up eating Middle Eastern food and American food. She has even dabbled in cooking it as well.

Q: Do you enjoy cooking?
A: Nope! I just like the results of cooking not the process of it! However, I do cook from time to time.

Q: Have you ever cooked a Middle Eastern dish?
A: Yes, I cooked Maklouba, which is known to be the easiest, yet still delicious, dish to cook. I also cooked Kebab and Stuffed Grape Leaves!

Q: You are Arab-American, which cuisine do you prefer?
A: It depends on my mood. I enjoy both. I have Middle Eastern food every day for dinner and then I usually have American food for lunch and sometimes breakfast. However, I usually prefer to eat food that’s more Middle Eastern since I don’t feel regret after eating it. Middle Eastern cuisine is more nutritious!

Q: What do you think is the biggest difference between American food and Middle Eastern food?
A: Middle Eastern food would mostly always have meat. Meat and rice is a must have on the dinner table. Sometimes even bread! It’s also a very healthy cuisine and always has olive oil. American food is not always very healthy. It has a lot of frying, like French fries and fried chicken. Also, barely any American foods contain rice!

Q: What is your favorite Middle Eastern dish?
A: My favorite is Stuffed Grape Leaves. It’s basically rice, beef, and spices wrapped with grape leaves. It’s delicious!

Q: What dish would you recommend to someone who is new to Middle Eastern food?
A: For someone new to Middle Eastern cuisine, I would definitely recommend trying Stuffed Grape Leaves! Also Hummus, Falafel, and Tabouli!

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