Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Arab-American's Opinions on Middle Eastern Food

For this interview I decided to do something a little different and interview someone with no cooking experience at all, my younger brother. As you can see from his answers below, he is quite the joker.

Q: Do you cook?
A: I can boil water, does that count? *chuckles* Otherwise, I guess not.

Q: Would you ever try to cook? Why or Why not?
A: Possibly, although I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be very good at it. Making my own food for a change seems like a nice alternative to my normal routine.

Q: You eat a lot of different kinds of foods. What is your favorite kind?
A: I really like Middle Eastern food, but Chinese food is a close second. Middle Eastern food just sort of speaks to me in a way.

Q: What do you think is the biggest difference between Middle Eastern food and American food?
A: The diversity of American foods makes this question difficult to answer, but I would say that Middle Eastern food has a greater emphasis on rice than that of America.

Q: What do you like about Middle Eastern food?
A: I love most things about Middle Eastern food, but most of all I really enjoy the various tastes found in Middle Eastern food.

Q: What is your favorite Middle Eastern food?
A: My favorite? I would have to go with maftoul.

Q: What dish would you recommend to someone who is new to Middle Eastern food?
A: I’m going to say Maqluba, but I’m not exactly an expert in that field.

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